[Trivia] Martin Garrix Funny Question On Weibo | 29 April 2020

Today, Martin Garrix post a funny question in Weibo. He was wondering why there’s a lot of fans who commented to his post with “老公” which when he googled means “husband”😂.

To that question, fans responded that it’s because the fans affectionately call him that in the comment😂. STMPD RCRDS official Weibo also reply to him and Martijn response was a cute, “ahhh ok..”😂.

If you can read Chinese, you could follow Martin Garrix in his Weibo. You can follow Martijn in all of his social media accounts, I put the links in my homepage.

[Video] Martin Garrix Was Seen Playing Live Set On Boat | 27 April 2020

Yesterday, Martijn was seen by several people playing a liveset on a boat after the livestream of his set on Radio 538. There’s a lot of cameramen around him so there’s a chance this special set will be uploaded but we don’t know anything yet. Here’s some video from people who see him.

Martijn also announced it on his Instagram and said it will be coming soon.

View this post on Instagram

coming soon..

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And here a cute picture of Martin Garrix

[Video] Martin Garrix Live At Radio 538 King’s Day From The Top Of A’DAM TOWER

Today, Martin Garrix did livesets to celebrate King’s Day in Netherlands. The first is a special 20 minutes liveset for Radio 538. You can watch the video below!

The tracklist are:

  1. Dubvision vs. Martin Garrix feat. Khalid – Ocean vs. Backlash (Martin Garrix Mashup)
  2. David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Brooks – Like I Do
  3. Martin Garrix feat. Macklemore & Patrick Stump – Summer Days (Tiësto Remix)
  4. Martin Garrix – Animals
  5. Martin Garrix feat. Bonn – High On Life
  6. Martin Garrix feat. Clinton Kane – Drown (Nicky Romero Remix)
  7. Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa – Scared To Be Lonely (Dubvision Remix)
  8. Martin Garrix & Dean Lewis – Used To Love (Jimi Hyde Remix)
  9. Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha – In The Name Of Love (DallasK Remix)

[Trivia] Martin Garrix and The Dutch Police: One Does Not Simply Doing A Rooftop Live Set

To celebrate video of Martin Garrix live at his rooftop in Amsterdam which just got more than 2 millions views in around 10 days, I want to reminded all of you how epic his live set is that the Dutch Police even came at Martin Garrix’s house😂

This might seems like a joke, but it was really happened. According to Martijn, the police saw the announcement of his live set and thought he was going to throw a huge party😂. So they showed up at his house a few hours before the time to make sure that there was nobody there😂. Martijn said the only one who were there dancing to his live set was his mom😂. How funny!

I’m sorry Dutch policeman😂. But Martin Garrix is a law-abiding citizen😂. But I’m seriously impressed how they really dedicated to make sure the citizens isn’t gather up in one place that they even came to check out on artists. I was wondering if the delay in the livestream time is due to this🤔.

Anyway, Martijn said he want to record another livestream!! They really do the 2nd STMPD RCRDS Festival so I’m pretty sure Martijn will also do another live set. Do you think this time the Dutch Police will come again? 😂🤔 Comment below and let me know.

[Article] Martin Garrix Talks About How His Collaboration With Clinton Kane Happened, New Music And Why The Police Shows Up At His House | 22 April 2020

Today Martin Garrix was on Celebrity Small Talk in radio show Smallzy’s Surgery. Regarding his collaboration with Australian-Filipino singer Clinton Kane, Martin Garrix told the story of how did he find him and how the collaboration could happened.

“A friend of mine pointed me into his direction. Basically it’s happened via Instagram. I started scrolling to his account and I heard some videos that he did. If you looked up on his Instagram he’s posting songs with him on the guitar, on the piano. I don’t know, he’s just such a unique voice. If there’s one thing I like a lot is when a voice really stands out and different than anything I’ve heard. So I reached out. We had the demo for Drown and he did an amazing job”

But the recording of the song didn’t go smoothly. Clinton was supposed to went to Amsterdam to finish the song but he had some passport issue and couldn’t enter the country twice. For the 3rd attempt, Martin sent his engineer to Philippines to record Clinton’s vocal but Taal Volcano erupted and the flight cancelled. Finally Clinton recorded his vocal in local studio and Martin Garrix met him for the first time on the day of music video shooting.

When he was asked about new music, Martin said that he currently writing a lot of songs on guitar and now mainly finishing a lot of ideas. He always want to finish a lot of songs but he was always touring so now he take the time that he need.

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[Article] Martin Garrix’s New Single “Higher Ground” Is Set To Be Released On A Special Date

Martin Garrix has been teasing for awhile about his new single featuring John Martin as the vocalist. The title of the single is “Higher Ground” and it was first previewed by Martijn on 20 March at his Instagram live. His fans all over the world has been waiting for the single to out and aching to know when it would be released. Well, wait no more! We got information straight from Martin Garrix himself!

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[Video] Florian Picasso Posted A Hilarious VIP Edit of His Collaboration With GRX & Martin Garrix’s Cute Reaction | 20 April 2020

A few days ago, Florian Picasso and Martin Garrix’s alias, GRX, release their collaboration “Restart Your Heart”. Today Florian Picasso shared a hilarious edited version of the song with duck sounds, jokingly claim that “This was the original drop for “Restart Your Heart” but the label wasn’t feeling it 😭🦆.” The edited version is so funny that most people commented with laughing emoji while another jokingly said Stmpd Records should release the edited version😂.

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