[Article] Martin Garrix Shaken Up DWP 2019 Stage

Tempo, 14 December 2019

Martijn Gerard Garritsen, popularly known as Martin Garrix, is ​​one of the most awaited performers of the audience at the 2019 DWP music event on Friday, 13 December 2019.

Some spectators who Tempo met said they deliberately came on the first day of the DWP to witness Martin Garrix’s performance. “His songs are really good and many people know it. Martin Garrix is ​​also one of the youngest DJs who are already popular worldwide,” said Grace, one of the spectators.

A similar statement was made by a Malaysian audience. He flew specifically to Indonesia to witness the appearance of the DJ who recently had won award at the MTV Europe Music Award 2019 for Best Electronic category. “We have come here twice, but this year we cannot miss Martin Garrix,” said the Malaysian audience.

The young Dutch DJ who rose to fame thanks to his 2013’s single, Animals, heat up the Garuda Land stage as the last performer. He opened with the single Turn Up The Speaker while asking the audience to raise their hands. “Put your hands up,” he shouted from the stage.

After that, various popular songs such as Hold On, In The Name of Love, Used to Love, and Scared To Be Lonely began to play. The crowd was increasingly loud when Martin Garrix performed songs with middle tempo such as Burn Out, Now That I’ve Found You, So Far Away, The Middle, and Clarity (Zedd).

After humming those songs, the audience was urged to dance even wilder when accompanied by the hard beat from the songs such as Tremor and Animals. Based on Tempo’s observations, most of the audience on the Garuda Land stage seemed to be bouncing, shaking their heads, and not stop dancing when those two songs were played. The stage lights which in tune with the beat of the song also adds more excitement on the dance floor.

​Original article in Tempo. Translated by @GarrixInterview.

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