[Trivia] The Curious Incident Of Martin Garrix’s Favorite Jacket

It’s all started when Martijn post pic of a jacket in his Insta story. It was a NIKE Allover Vapor Flash running jacket & I was like, “New endorsement? Or he just want to show us his new jacket?”🤔🤔.

It’s turned out he just really love the jacket! ❤️ And it’s actually an old jacket that he has owned since 2015. He wore it everywhere. At the airport, when he meet with fans, etc. He even wore it to the stage when he was performed in Maori Beach Club, Brazil. He love it so much. It became his favorite. 😍

But like the saying “All Good Things Come To An End“. Even enjoyable experiences cannot last forever. The most beautiful moments always seemed to slip beyond one’s grasp just when you want to hold onto them. And so did the jacket 😕. Martijn put the jacket on a lightbulb and it caught fire. Now that’s what I call LIT. Literally😅.

Screw you lightbulb!

RIP Martin Garrix’s favorite jacket 25-02-2020. We only know you for a week but you will be missed 🥴.

And that’s the story of how we don’t see Martin Garrix’s favorite jacket anymore 😂.

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