[Video] Florian Picasso Posted A Hilarious VIP Edit of His Collaboration With GRX & Martin Garrix’s Cute Reaction | 20 April 2020

A few days ago, Florian Picasso and Martin Garrix’s alias, GRX, release their collaboration “Restart Your Heart”. Today Florian Picasso shared a hilarious edited version of the song with duck sounds, jokingly claim that “This was the original drop for “Restart Your Heart” but the label wasn’t feeling it 😭🦆.” The edited version is so funny that most people commented with laughing emoji while another jokingly said Stmpd Records should release the edited version😂.

Martin Garrix saw the edited version of his collaboration with Florian Picasso and give a cute reaction 😘

Anyway, the video is really funny. Martin Garrix should probably collab with ducks sometimes. They’re capable singers😂

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