[Article] Martin Garrix Talks About How His Collaboration With Clinton Kane Happened, New Music And Why The Police Shows Up At His House | 22 April 2020

Today Martin Garrix was on Celebrity Small Talk in radio show Smallzy’s Surgery. Regarding his collaboration with Australian-Filipino singer Clinton Kane, Martin Garrix told the story of how did he find him and how the collaboration could happened.

“A friend of mine pointed me into his direction. Basically it’s happened via Instagram. I started scrolling to his account and I heard some videos that he did. If you looked up on his Instagram he’s posting songs with him on the guitar, on the piano. I don’t know, he’s just such a unique voice. If there’s one thing I like a lot is when a voice really stands out and different than anything I’ve heard. So I reached out. We had the demo for Drown and he did an amazing job”

But the recording of the song didn’t go smoothly. Clinton was supposed to went to Amsterdam to finish the song but he had some passport issue and couldn’t enter the country twice. For the 3rd attempt, Martin sent his engineer to Philippines to record Clinton’s vocal but Taal Volcano erupted and the flight cancelled. Finally Clinton recorded his vocal in local studio and Martin Garrix met him for the first time on the day of music video shooting.

When he was asked about new music, Martin said that he currently writing a lot of songs on guitar and now mainly finishing a lot of ideas. He always want to finish a lot of songs but he was always touring so now he take the time that he need.

The host noted that some days ago police came to Martin Garrix’s house and Martin explained why the police showed up during the quarantine. He announced a live-stream set on his rooftop for fans and the police thought he will throw a huge party😂. So Dutch police came to make sure no one is there. Martin said the only one who were there dancing was his mom😂. Here is the video of his explanation.

Martin said this quarantine in some way reset people where we realize that we shouldn’t take small things for granted. There’s some things that people so used to but now can’t even do in this kind of time. So when we finally able to do it again, we’ll become more appreciated towards it.

Apparently in the quarantine time Martin Garrix also spent a lot of time watching Netflix shows such as Tiger King and Ozark. Although there’s accident where Martin accidentally watch the latest episode of the new season of Ozark when he was just on the 2nd season so his mind was blown. Aside from watching Netflix, Martin also spend his time in quarantine by solving difficult puzzles.

You could listen and download the whole podcast here.

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