[Article] Martin Garrix’s New Single “Higher Ground” Is Set To Be Released On A Special Date

Martin Garrix has been teasing for awhile about his new single featuring John Martin as the vocalist. The title of the single is “Higher Ground” and it was first previewed by Martijn on 20 March at his Instagram live. His fans all over the world has been waiting for the single to out and aching to know when it would be released. Well, wait no more! We got information straight from Martin Garrix himself!

Today, Martijn was interviewed in The 538 Morning Show where he revealed more details about his upcoming single. As reported by updatesofmartingarrix on Instagram:

“I finished a new track yesterday called Higher Ground. I already wrote the text in November and the first lyric is: All this time, all this time keeps fading, feeling trapped inside. That is bizarre, as if it is about this situation, but this is already from November. The track is just finished, I sent it to the label and it’s coming out on my birthday. And nobody knows that yet!”

Martin Garrix

So Higher Ground is set to be release on 14 May 2020! What a special date since it coincides with Martin Garrix birthday! It would be the nicest birthday present if people around the world stream the song a lot! Here are some fun fact about Higher Ground that might catch your interest!

  1. Higher Ground was only finished yesterday (20 April 2020)! Martijn said that his team “hate” him because he made 3 masters for the track😂.
  2. He first previewed the song on 20 March. On 12 April when he chatted with fans on Zoom, Martijn said he’s not happy with the drop and plan to revise it. He said he finished the song on 19 April but then deleted the Insta story. He post a new story on 20 April 2020 that he finally really finished it.
  3. According to his Insta story, the project file for Higher Ground was started on 18 September 2019. He post a snippet of John Martin recording the song on October 2019 but it seems there’s still change in the lyrics after that because the lyrics “All this time, all this time keeps fading, feeling trapped inside” was written in November.
  4. It was going to be the closing track of Martin Garrix’s set on Tomorrowland 2020 and was supposed to be released on July 2020. But since Euro 2020 was postponed to next year, so did the Euro 2020 anthem. Hence, the release date of Higher Ground is move forward to replace it.
  5. In his Instagram live on 10 April 2020, Martijn said there’s actually another song that he finished this month and there’s a discussion with his label whether Higher Ground or the other song will be chosen as the next single. It seems they finally choose Higher Ground because it sets on release next month!

Martin Garrix has played preview of Higher Ground several time in his Instagram live and his rooftop live set. Are you excited for it to be release? Comment bellow and let me know!

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