[Throwback Tuesday] One Year Ago, Martin Garrix Suffer An Ankle Injury That Required Him To Underwent A Surgery

In the middle of the night on 26 May will be remember by garrixers around the world. Martin Garrix was performing for his residency in Omnia Last Vegas on 25 May night when he was jumping off stage mid set and injured his ankle. He frequently jump in his shows but unfortunately that time he land it badly that it ripped his ligament.

He was taken off the stage by his body guard to see the severity of the injury but like the champion that he is he comeback on stage to perform for fans, even when he had to do it with one leg and on a chair. But when the pain become unbearable, Martijn cut his set short then was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Due to the severity of his injury, Martin Garrix needed a surgery to attached the ripped ligament of his right leg. He was forced to cancel a month of shows for his recovery. Even then he try to speed up the whole process and continue to perform even with one leg while his right leg was on cast and crutches.

You can watch the whole story of his injury and recovery in his documentary, The Martin Garrix Show (Season 4).

[Article] RadioRave, A 5-Hour Show on 7 Radio Stations Across 7 European Countries Will Feature Some World Renowned DJs, Including Martin Garrix

Bauer Media launch RadioRave, a big Europe’s house parties playing 5 hours of back-to-back dance music sets simultaneously. It will be broadcast on Saturday 30 May start since 8 pm CET on 7 big radio stations in 7 countries, i.e Kiss FM UK, RMF Maxxx Poland, The Voice Denmark, NRJ Sweden, Kiss Norway, Kiss Finland and Radio Expres Slovakia.

One of the DJ in the line up is Martin Garrix. Aside from him, the line-up also feature other world’s most-renowned DJs such as David Guetta, Alan Walker, Robin Schulz and Lost Frequencies.

[Trivia] Martin Garrix Is The Richest Young Celebrity In Netherlands

According to Quote, a Dutch business magazine, Martin Garrix is the riches young celebrity in Netherlands. With estimated wealth of € 45 million (almost $ 50 million), he comes in 16th place of Quote Magazine Top 100 Young Self-made Millionaires. The no 1 young Dutch millionaire on the list is Stijn Koster (36), the founder of hosting company i3D.net with estimated assets worth € 200 million.

This list consist of entrepreneurs under the age of 40 who have made themselves big without financial help from their parents and they also shouldn’t be on a payroll anywhere. Other DJ who also made it into this list are Afrojack and Hardwell. Among the 7 celebrities on the list which also included Doutzen Kroes, Nikkie Plessen, Lara Stone, and Demy de Zeeuw, Martin Garrix is the youngest and also the richest.

[Trivia] 18 May Is Martin Garrix Day!!

Do you guys know that 18 May is Martin Garrix Day? 😁😁

California Legislature Assembly gave Certificate of Recognition that declared 18 May as Martin Garrix Day in the state of California. This certificate was presented to Martijn on 18th May 2017 for outstanding achievements and contributions to electronic music. Other artist who also had their own day are Beyoncé (23 May in the state of Minnesota) and Rihanna (21 February on Barbados Island). Wow…. superb!! You can see the picture & video bellow. Happy Martin Garrix Day!

[Article] Martin Garrix Is Featured In The Editorial Of We Rave You Magazine

The May 2020 Edition of We Rave You Magazine featured Martin Garrix’s story as Editorial with headline The Story of Martin Garrix: How The Young Star Inspired A Generation. This editorial look back into the career of Martin Garrix. Started when he was young and get inspired to be a DJ to finally rise and reach the success at such a young age.

It also told the story of hardships and obstacles that threaten his career. 2015 marked a great deal of turmoil as he cut ties with his former record label due to a conflict surrounding the ownership of his music. At the time, many were concerned about how this sequence of events would affect Martin Garrix’s career. But he rise against all odd, founded his own record label and overcame the obstacles in his way.

Source: Amy-Martine’s Twitter

Finding success so quickly has affected Martin Garrix both in positive and negative way. As he become a top tier artist at such a young age, his rise to the top has left some with the misconception that he got it easy. The Editorial highlight how despite he managed to elevate himself to success very quickly, there’s immense hardwork and determination behind it. It also shed light on how it may seem that Martin rise to success overnight but his story is, in fact, much longer than many people realise. Martin Garrix start honing his craft from a very young age. At the age of 10 years old he already finished his first ever record and start to perform as a DJ under the name DJ Marty.

Martin Garrix’s success story is one that has inspired fans and producers from all over the world to try to replicate his success. The editorial emphasized that every artist’s story is different and you don’t have to follow to footstep of your idol. Every artist has different perspective and for Martin Garrix he focus on making other people (and also himself) happy.

It’s not about being on the top it’s about making other people happy

– Martin Garrix –

You can read the story of Martin Garrix and other interesting articles in the magazine here and download it from this link.

[Article] Martin Garrix Will Participate In SiriusXm BPM Virtual DisDance Festival

Due to Covid-19 pandemic which make live concert postponed and cancelled around the globe, there’s many organizer & artists who choose to held online livestream to raise donation or only to provide content for the fans. One of these livestreams that you can enjoy this weekend is BPM’s Virtual DisDance Festival which will be held by SiriusXM. This event will featured new live DJ sets from high-profile artists in dance music straight from their home.

One of the DJ that will participate in this event is of course our favorite, Martin Garrix. He is scheduled to perform on 24 May 2020 along with other famous DJs such as Armin van Buuren, Major Lazer & Kygo. This livestream also intended to raise donation for MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund established by the Recording Academy. This fund is used to help music creators and professionals affected by the Coronavirus crisis. Thanks to support from various artists, organizations and charites, the fund has raised over $10 million so far, but much more is needed.

“We’re thrilled to be providing a top-notch line up of some of the biggest names in dance music in our first-ever Virtual DisDance Festival. The virtual event will bring the festival experience to life and entertain dance music fans nationwide with original performances and appearances they won’t want to miss. Our listeners can continue to count on SiriusXM to keep them close to their favorite artists and to deliver great exclusive, original, and entertaining content. Our Virtual DisDance Festival is no exception.”

Scott Greenstein – President and Chief Content Officer of SiriusXM

BPM’s Virtual DisDance Festival will be available to be streamed for free on SiriusXM.com/streamfree although it seems that it can only be streamed in US & Canada. People who reside in other country probably needs vpn to listen to it. The festival will be held on 22 – 24 May but select sets will have a replay on 25.

[Article] All About First: Martin Garrix’s Interview with GQ Magazine | 15 May 2020

In an interview with GQ Magazine, Martin Garrix talk about his first times started from the first time he realize he want to become a musician until the first time he got silly drunk! In this article I will post some summary about things that I thought interesting for me.

When he was asked the first time he realised that he want to be musician, Martin Garrix said that he never really have a moment where he realised he wanted to work professionally as musician. But he stated that the first time started playing sets live is when he was still very young.

I started playing sets in front of a live audience when I was nine or ten years old. Some of my first gigs were me DJing at weddings.

Martin Garrix – GQ Interview

He shared that his very first fans were his parents who always support him. Although his first songs were pretty bad, they loved it because they saw how proud Martin Garrix was of the songs. If you asked me, Martin Garrix’s parents is one of the coolest parents ever with the way they support Martijn’s dream since he was still a kid.

Speaking about the first time he was given any really excellent advice, he cited Tiesto as the one who gave him the best one.

When I felt very down by negative comments. I would read 100 comments, 99 of them would be good, one would be bad and I would focus on the only negative one. I would let it ruin my day. I couldn’t understand why someone would say something like that because I was just trying to spread good vibes and no one was forced to listen to my music if they didn’t like it. Then the best advice I got was from Tiësto: he told me, “Why are you focusing on that one person who is not going to like you anyway? Focus on the 99 people you made happy – that’s so much more beautiful and powerful. Don’t even waste one second of your time thinking of the guy that doesn’t like your music. You make music for yourself and for the people who want to listen to it.” I was 16 when he said this and it really meant a lot to me – it still does. 

Martin Garrix – GQ Interview

You can read the whole interview about the 12 Martin Garrix’s first time including the first record that he bought and first time he fell properly in love in GQ.

[Article] Happy Birthday Martin Garrix!! | 14 May 2020

Today (at least I post this when it’s still 14 May in Netherlands 😂) is Martijn Garritsen’s (a.k.a Martin Garrix) birthday! He was born ton 14 May 1996! Wow, so much younger than me😂. For this special occasion, I made simple infographics for him. I got this idea when I received many responses from people when I asked them about how they become a fan.

Design really isn’t my forte, but I try my best to summarize and compile the answers from fans here about Martin Garrix & here are the result!

Source of Awareness about Martin Garrix
Why people want to know more
Reasons to become fans

Once again, happy birthday Martijn!!

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