[Trivia] The Wasps: A Martin Garrix Horror Story

This series of unfortunate events actually happened last year but Martin Garrix dished new information about the aftermath so I decide to write it. After injured his ankle and stop performing for 1 month, Martijn finally back on tour last summer. But his hardship not ended yet. On Labor Day Weekend in Montreal, Martijn got stung by a wasp inside his throat! TWICE!

It happened just minutes into his set at Beachclub Montreal. He quickly seeking first aid for the sting but after that decided to continue his performance despite the pain.  Martin Garrix back to perform for his fans who came to the sold out shows. He even played an extended 30 minutes!

The story is just incredible…this is Martin Garrix back on stage after he got stung directly in the mouth by a bee”. He said to me, “Fuck bro – I’m going back; it’s too extraordinary here not to!”

– Olivier Primeau (the owner of Beach Club) –

Martin Garrix is willing to go the extra mile for his fans. After his ankle surgery and needed rest he moved forward with his tour despite the pain, even perform while still wearing casts and crutches. He also endure the pain from wasp’s sting until he finished his set. But he never told the whole story about the incident for a long time until he was doing a Zoom meeting with his fans last month!

We just know that the accident end up making him brought to the emergency room because he experience difficulty to breath! He told us that due to the adrenaline rush he felt when he performed his throat wasn’t really start swelling. But after he finished his set, it start swelling and make him can’t breath from his mouth. The situation prompt him to go to hospital to ensure his health and safety.

Speaking about the extra miles Martin Garrix is willing to take for his fans, I remember this story from one of the biggest Martin Garrix’s fanpage in Instagram, The Martin Garrix hub.

If Martin Garrix come to my office I probably will fainted 😂. He really is the best boy and we’re lucky to be his fans!

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