[Article] All About First: Martin Garrix’s Interview with GQ Magazine | 15 May 2020

In an interview with GQ Magazine, Martin Garrix talk about his first times started from the first time he realize he want to become a musician until the first time he got silly drunk! In this article I will post some summary about things that I thought interesting for me.

When he was asked the first time he realised that he want to be musician, Martin Garrix said that he never really have a moment where he realised he wanted to work professionally as musician. But he stated that the first time started playing sets live is when he was still very young.

I started playing sets in front of a live audience when I was nine or ten years old. Some of my first gigs were me DJing at weddings.

Martin Garrix – GQ Interview

He shared that his very first fans were his parents who always support him. Although his first songs were pretty bad, they loved it because they saw how proud Martin Garrix was of the songs. If you asked me, Martin Garrix’s parents is one of the coolest parents ever with the way they support Martijn’s dream since he was still a kid.

Speaking about the first time he was given any really excellent advice, he cited Tiesto as the one who gave him the best one.

When I felt very down by negative comments. I would read 100 comments, 99 of them would be good, one would be bad and I would focus on the only negative one. I would let it ruin my day. I couldn’t understand why someone would say something like that because I was just trying to spread good vibes and no one was forced to listen to my music if they didn’t like it. Then the best advice I got was from Tiësto: he told me, “Why are you focusing on that one person who is not going to like you anyway? Focus on the 99 people you made happy – that’s so much more beautiful and powerful. Don’t even waste one second of your time thinking of the guy that doesn’t like your music. You make music for yourself and for the people who want to listen to it.” I was 16 when he said this and it really meant a lot to me – it still does. 

Martin Garrix – GQ Interview

You can read the whole interview about the 12 Martin Garrix’s first time including the first record that he bought and first time he fell properly in love in GQ.

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