[Throwback Tuesday] One Year Ago, Martin Garrix Suffer An Ankle Injury That Required Him To Underwent A Surgery

In the middle of the night on 26 May will be remember by garrixers around the world. Martin Garrix was performing for his residency in Omnia Last Vegas on 25 May night when he was jumping off stage mid set and injured his ankle. He frequently jump in his shows but unfortunately that time he land it badly that it ripped his ligament.

He was taken off the stage by his body guard to see the severity of the injury but like the champion that he is he comeback on stage to perform for fans, even when he had to do it with one leg and on a chair. But when the pain become unbearable, Martijn cut his set short then was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Due to the severity of his injury, Martin Garrix needed a surgery to attached the ripped ligament of his right leg. He was forced to cancel a month of shows for his recovery. Even then he try to speed up the whole process and continue to perform even with one leg while his right leg was on cast and crutches.

You can watch the whole story of his injury and recovery in his documentary, The Martin Garrix Show (Season 4).

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