[Article] Martin Garrix Talk About His Euro Song, His Way In Producing, And What’s Happening In Electronic Music In An Exclusive Interview With UMOMAG | 14 May 2020

Martin Garrix is featured as the cover story of UMOMAG, a Spanish digital magazine. In the exclusive interview, Martin talk about his Euro 2020 song, his way in producing, the competition in electronic music and tips for success. Here are some of part from the interview that catch interest.

Martin Garrix had been chosen by UEFA to compose the official theme for Euro 2020 but due to Covid-19 outbreak the tournament also get postpone to next year. Regarding the song, Martin Garrix stated, “I’m still the one composing the official song but we have decided to release it the next year. It wouldn’t make sense to edit it right now and the next year the same song played everywhere again. I want the pitch to be perfectly aligned with the tournament. It’s a timeless song, I think the next year around this time the public will go crazy with it”.

Martin Garrix’s life became a “roller coaster” at a young age when he released “Animals” that shoot him into stardom. But he knew how to keep grounded by surrounding himself with the right people.

 “Everything that is happening is crazy. I’m very grateful for the support that the public has show me, for how people have accepted my music. But I don’t let fame drive me crazy. When I go on tour everything is very intense, but when I return home and I’m with my family and friends I find a perfect balance. I’m very happy to be able to make my music and that it allows me to travel around the world. Sometimes it seems to me that everything is unreal, that i live in a dream”

Living on music has given him the opportunity to travel and see the world. It is one of the things he is most passionate about.

“What I like the most about traveling is that every place I visit unique. Each place is different and special in its own way. Wherever I go I learn something, meet new people and discover new cultures. I learn something new every day and when traveling you tend to appreciate each culture more. Also, traveling gives you a lot of inspiration. If I think about it, I don’t have a favorite place because each one has its own charm”. 

Travelling also give chance to strengthen and make new friends.

“I’m a very emotional person, who appreciates friendship and connecting with others. When I started in this industry I was very young and I didn’t feel that there was much competition towards me. Everyone was very open, they treated me very well. One of my best friends in the industry, and our friendship goes even further, is Tiësto. From the beginning he took me under his tutelage and taught me a lot, not only about the music industry but about life in general. I will always be grateful to him and I am delighted to have him as a friend. ”

Regarding his sound identity, Martin said, “based on my sound, the truth is I didn’t look for it. When I started making music I tried to imitate the sounds of others artists until I found a personal style where I felt very comfortable, I experimented with it and tried to evolve it.“. He then began to refine his style closer to progressive house and in 2016 he release his collaboration with Bebe Rexha, “In The Name of Love” to try new things. 

“It was something new for me, something I set out to try and it seems to have worked very well. I like to try new things, I don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over again. I want to learn, evolve and also surprise the public. If people know beforehand how a Martin Garrix song is going to sound, in the end it is boring”

When it comes to producing, his way to work vary greatly depending on the type of song he wants to do. 

“If I want to compose a crazy song for the club, I sit in front of my computer and start with the chords, the hype/kick drum, etc. Although I can say that 90% of my songs are originate from a chord progression or a melody which I make from that chord progression. On some occasion, I’ve started writing some ideas for the lyrics and that has been the origin of some songs. In the last two years I’ve tried to get involved in each letter that appears in my singles, because the message I want to transmit is very important to me. In summary, I usually start a song from the lyrics or the chords”

At the end of the day the most important thing for Martin Garrix is ​​that the music he make transmits emotions. “Whenever I compose a song I try to tell a story, either through the lyrics or the melody. I think the public can identify with the melody in my music. Many of my melodies ‘sound like Garrix’ ”, he said.

As a prominent artist in EDM, Garrix finds what is happening within electronic music is very interesting.

“It’s very interesting what’s happening with electronic music. Right now there’s a lot of mixing genre with each other. For example, Avicii combined electronic music with country and Marshmello fuses Hip-Hop with electronic music. It’s super exciting to see how all these genre interlock. The important thing is people evolve and grow, they don’t make the same thing from 8 years ago. The public wants to hear new things, new sounds. You have to be focused, try new things for people to pay attention. The current attention span, with social media and all that, is getting shorter“.

Regarding the competition, he choose to focus his attention to music.

“The truth is there exist some competitiveness in this industry but it doesn’t worry me at all. I focus 100% on music, on my family and my friends”.

You can read the full original Spanish interview here. Translation of Martin’s answers with the help of the lovely @sparkygarrix and @Massieltejada5 on twitter.

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