[Trivia] To Beard, Or Not To Beard, That Is The Question

Martin Garrix is a talented DJ-producer who is renowned for his high energy live set & spectacular visual in his performance. Aside from his visually-pleasing live show, Martin Garrix also has visually-pleasing face. There’s no denying that Martin Garrix is good-looking so his looks sometimes create a buzz.

All this time he mostly keep his clean looks & babyface, but during the most of 2020 he was seen sporting a beard. This create a divide of opinion between garrixers around the world. Some prefer him to keep his beard, some are so againts it, while the others said they fine with both. It’s always a close match between both opinion.

Martijn himself asked his fans whether they want him to shaved or not. To beard, or not to beard, that is the question😂. The one who prefer beard said it make Martijn look more mature & manly. The one who prefer no beard said Martijn look cuter without it. Some said Martijn is blessed to look good with or without beard. The most interesting comments for me are some fans who said they don’t care whether he shaved or not, just tell us when the new music come out😂.

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beard or no beard?

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Anyway, do you prefer Martijn with beard or not? Vote in the poll below and let us know.

[Interview] Martin Garrix and Elderbrook Reveals How An Instagram Story Make Their Unexpected Collaboration Happened | 18 September 2020

Martin Garrix and Elderbrook (real name: Alexander Kotz) are both incredible artists with different style of music. Earlier this month, Martin Garrix through his YTRAM alias join force with Elderbrook to create “Fire”, a track which combine both of their style. But how did their collaboration come together? On DanceXL Radio, these 2 artists told the story to Anna Lunoe through FaceTime.

Elderbrook here released a song called “Numb”. My friend played it to me and it was basically the anthem for my entire month of June. Everywhere I had the song on repeat and then I put it up on a story. Alex then DM me. And I had the instrumental and a melody idea in my head for a vocal. I sent it as a voice note and we were singing voice note back and forth. Then we ended up with the song.

Martin Garrix

So basically, it’s all started because Martijn was chilling on a boat listening to “Numb” and use it on his Instagram story. When Elderbrook saw Martijn like his song, he then slide into Martijn’s DM. It’s interesting that this happened so fast because Martijn was recording his Tomorrowland Around The World set on 26 June and an earlier version of the song was already there. Maybe it’s their chemistry that make it possible?

When they were asked about the challenge they face when writing the song, Elderbrook said it’s when he had to write the lyrics, send it to Martijn and doesn’t have any idea if Martijn will like it or not. While from Martijn’s side, the challenge is because they had so many ideas for the song. It’s easier to communicate about those ideas when he’s in the same room with the other party. But since they can’t, it’s more like cherry picking parts that they like and sent it back and forth. But it’s cool to fit the puzzle together.

Martin Garrix and Elderbrook said they can not wait to finally play the song live in front of the audience. You can hear the whole interview on Episode 43 of Dance XL Radio on Apple Music. Have you heard “Fire” yet? Listen to it here. Is there any artist that you want to slide into Martijn’s DM to create a track together?

Martin Garrix Drops His YTRAM’s Collaboration With Elderbrook And It’s Fire

Ever since he played it in Tomorrowland Around The World, people has been looking forward to Martin Garrix’s new song. It was revealed to be a collaboration between Martin Garrix in his YTRAM alias with English musician, Elderbrook. The song’s title is “Fire”. What a fitting name for a song that straight fire!🔥🔥. You can watch the music video on Youtube as below.

You can also listen to it on your streaming music sites here.

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