[Article] Celebrate New Year’s Eve By Watching Martin Garrix Perform In Tomorrowland 31.12.2020

After the success of Tomorrowland Around The World digital festival, it seems Tomorrowland is organizing another online live show for the world. This time they will brighten your New Year’s Eve celebration with Tomorrowland 31.12.2020 and of course our favorite boy, Martin Garrix, will be one of the DJ that will perform there.

This digital New Year’s Eve festival will start at 20:00 (8pm) local time in all 27 time zones in the world. Tomorrowland promised a spectacular and immersive experience in an entirely new and dazzling entertainment location consisting of 4 magical worlds called NAOZ, in which some of the festival’s most iconic themes will be used. The ticket cost € 20 and you can buy it here.

[Article] Martin Garrix Now Has His Own Stamp. See How To Purchase It Here

Martin Garrix has special relationship with stamp. His father used to work in an stamp auctioning company and Martijn named his own record label STMPD Records as a shout out to his dad. His relationship with stamp become even more special because on 21 October 2020, PostNL (the postal service of Nederland) issued the Martin Garrix stamp sheet, with five stamps in five similar designs featuring the silhouette of the world famous Dutch DJ and music producer. But there’s more! An app has been designed especially for this stamp, and can be downloaded for free through Google Play and the Apple Store.

Aside from containing exclusive photos and videos, the app also can be activated with the stamp. By scanning the stamps in the app, you will get a recorded video call from Martijn then an AR (augmented reality) application starts with a performance by Martin Garrix as if he’s playing right in front of you. The app was created through collaboration between PostNL, Joh. Enschéde, We Do Things and Martin Garrix BV.

Not only stamp, but you can also buy Martin Garrix’s postcard with the stamp on it. It’s available to purchase in international market from WOPA who charge $5.8 worldwide shipping fee. You can buy it here and also can order it directly from the app. You can install the app from Google Play Store (android) and Apple App Store (iPhone).

[Video] Martin Garrix Live Interview On Tiktok | 23 October 2020

The interview on Youtube. Credit to Massiel Tejada.

You can also watch it on IG TV by @martin_garrix_is_legend.

Part 1

Part 2

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