[Article] Martin Garrix’s Performance For Djakarta Warehouse Project Virtual Make Him Trending in Indonesia

Yesterday, Martin Garrix become the headliner of Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) virtual festival. He open the set with Animals + Poison intro as he walk to the stage and shout, “Whats up Djakarta Warehouse Project! My name is Martin Garrix & I miss you guys”. After 1 hour of energetic music, he end the set with In The Name Of Love and said “Thank you so much for tuning in, thank you so much for listening, and see you guys really soon. Love you!” As usual, Martin Garrix bring his contagious energy on stage even though this was a virtual livestream and not the normal DWP as usual due to pandemic. Not to mention the visual for DWP Virtual Festival was so pretty and comparable to Tomorrowland digital festival. For those of you who hasn’t watch the set, you can watch it in the video below.

Since there were so many people trying to access the livestream when it’s near his time to perform, the festival experience technical difficulties. More than 22 thousands people rushed to watch Martin Garrix’s livestream. His performance in Garuda V stage was the talk of the town with so many praise from fans and people alike that #DWPV and Martin Garrix was trending for 8 and 6 hours in Indonesia, respectively (data from getdaytrends.com).

In DWP 2016 interview, Martin Garrix said he’s happy to perform in Indonesia because the audience is so dope and give him good energy. Martin Garrix himself has Indonesian blood since his grandfather is from Indonesia. Moreover, Indonesia is one of Martin Garrix’s biggest fanbase with more than 1 million of his Instagram followers come from Indonesia. I hope that after the pandemic is over and it’s safe to tour again Martijn will really come to Indonesia and perform in person.

[Article] Martin Garrix Experimenting With The Release Of His 3rd Single Under His YTRAM Alias

This year garrixers haven’t get much Martijn’s music from his main stage name, Martin Garrix. But don’t worry, Martijn said in his instagram story and fan’s group chat that there will be so much Garrix and AREA21 music next year and he will make up for the lack of music this year. Not to mention he also release his 3rd single under his deep house alias, YTRAM. with “Alive”. You can watch the music video here

This song is noticeably darker than 2 of his previous YTRAM release. On his YouTube channel, Martijn said “This is something more experimental from me but I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!”. Seems like Martijn want to experiment making music outside of his usual uplifting style and he’s having fun with it. By the way, this song is also become the main theme of “What It Takes”, a documentary about Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen which is also Martin Garrix’s best friend.

What do you think about this song? I’m so looking forward to 2021!

[Article] Martin Garrix Will Perform For Djakarta Warehouse Project Virtual Festival Tomorrow. Here How To Watch It For Free!

Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) is one of the biggest electronic music festival in Asia which annually held in Indonesia. Due to Covid 19 pandemic, this year’s edition of DWP will be held virtually on 19-20 December 2020 with several world renowned DJ such as our beloved Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren, Yellow Claw & Vini Vici to be its headliners.

This virtual fest is free and can be accessed by people live in Asian countries but you must be over 18 years old to watch it. For Indonesia citizen, the free pass can be obtain here. All you need to do is to enter your personal information, including your KTP. If you have difficulties and the system said “data not match” then you should left the “last name” part empty and just write your full name in the “first name” section. For people outside Indonesia, you can get your free pass here. You need to enter your passport number to get the pass.

Aside from Martin Garrix, Julian Jordan and Justin Mylo from STMPD Records will also perform. By the way, Martijn’s performance will be in Garuda V stage at 00.00 WIB (12 a.m Jakarta time/GMT + 7). Are you excited to watch the first virtual DWP? Comment below and let me know.

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