[Article] Martin Garrix Experimenting With The Release Of His 3rd Single Under His YTRAM Alias

This year garrixers haven’t get much Martijn’s music from his main stage name, Martin Garrix. But don’t worry, Martijn said in his instagram story and fan’s group chat that there will be so much Garrix and AREA21 music next year and he will make up for the lack of music this year. Not to mention he also release his 3rd single under his deep house alias, YTRAM. with “Alive”. You can watch the music video here

This song is noticeably darker than 2 of his previous YTRAM release. On his YouTube channel, Martijn said “This is something more experimental from me but I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!”. Seems like Martijn want to experiment making music outside of his usual uplifting style and he’s having fun with it. By the way, this song is also become the main theme of “What It Takes”, a documentary about Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen which is also Martin Garrix’s best friend.

What do you think about this song? I’m so looking forward to 2021!

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