[Article] Martin Garrix Will Perform For A New Digital Festival, Hydeout World

Digital festival is becoming more and more prominent in the world. One of digital festival that will happen soon is Hydeout World. It was a music festival that was going to be held in Singapore in April 2020 but due to Covid 19 pandemic it will be held in digital festival format with global launch start from 25 January 2021.

The festival line-up consist of several artists such as Rita Ora, Tinashe, DJ Snake, and of course our beloved Martin Garrix. Martin’s performance will be available on 29 January 2021 episode.

If you want to watch it, there’s available several type of tickets for you. There’s Free Pass where you can watch the free episode without paying and All-Access Pass where you can watch all the artists performance. But don’t worry. If you only want to watch the performance of your favorite artist, you can just buy Hydeout Coins and use it to bought your favorite artist’s episode.

For more information you could go to Hydeout World website and instagram

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