[Trivia] The Reason Why Martin Garrix Doesn’t Have Drivers License

This is something that kind of become a running joke among garrixers, but Martin Garrix doesn’t drive. It was said that even before pandemic Martin Garrix has practiced social distancing with drivers license😂😂.

Martijn actually has answered the question regarding how he hasn’t get his license several times, citing that the world will be a safer place if he just get in the backseat. We actually get a small glimpse of what he means when we saw video of Afrojack teaching Martijn how to drive.

But we only fully understand what he means when Martijn finally posted old video of him when he was receiving his driving lesson🤣🤣. Watch the adorable video below, featuring racing car imitation, incomprehensible noises and choo choo train.

Martin Garrix is just so adorable😂. But I was wondering if his instructor’s heart at the time was okay when accompanying him in the car😂. We better stay inside if someday Martijn is driving on the road.

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