[Interview] Martin Garrix Talk about Driving Lessons, Having His Own Stamp and Making Songs in Dutch in Interview with SLAM! Radio

On Sunday 21 February, Martin Garrix appear in an online interview with SLAM! Radio. They first talk about hilarious video that Martin Garrix posted on his social media few days ago. In the video Martin Garrix was driving with an instructor for driving lesson. Martin Garrix revealed that the video is already four years old (so from 2016-2017) but no one knows about it until he shared it a few days ago. He think he was so bad in the driving lesson that he decided the world is a safer place when he doesn’t drive and just sit at the back of the car 😂.

When the radio DJ asked him what car he will buy if someday he has drivers license, Martijn said he hasn’t even really thought about it and he’s just very happy living in Amsterdam.

From watching The Martin Garrix Show you can see that Martijn’s life seems like train that never pulls a brake but with corona pandemic all of that just suddenly came to stop. So the DJ asked Martijn about what he do in this situation aside from making music. Martin Garrix said that it’s usually difficult to find time to be with family and friends because he usually touring so much. With all the free time now he has time to breath and spend the time with his family. But he really miss tour and he can’t wait for festival to come back.

Back in 2020, Martin Garrix get his own stamp. The DJ curious about how Martin Garrix’s father react to that since his father used to run a stamp auction house. Martijn said that his father was super happy and proud about it. As a son, seeing your parents happy and proud of you feels super special. His father used to own an auction house specialized in stamps which is also the reason why he named his record label STMPD RCRDS. Martijn says that the process to make stamps is very interesting and complicated, and that there is a lot of history of how stamps got made. When he was asked whether his father more proud of him when he was voted number one DJ in the world or when he got his own stamp, Martin Garrix said that his father is more proud of the stamp 😉.

Some DJ such as Armin Van Buuren also make songs in Dutch so the radio DJ asked Martijn if he would ever make a song in Dutch. Martijn said that he wrote the lyrics himself for a lot of his songs but it usually only in English. Maybe he will do it in the future. The DJ said that next year will be 10 years since Martin Garrix won SLAM! FM ‘DJ Talent of the Year’ Award in 2012. They also talk about how Tiesto has become a father and Afrojack who just got married and what Martijn’s thought about that. Martijn said he hasn’t really thought about that yet but he’s super happy for them.

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