[Interview] Martin Garrix Talk about Tove Lo, Skills Required To Reach Bigger Audience, and Things He’s Missing in Interview with Big FM

On 26 February, Martin Garrix appeared on Germany radio Big FM. He talked about his newest single “Pressure” which is something new for both him and singer-songwriter Tove Lo. Martijn explained that the collaboration happened through the internet and he hasn’t met Tove Lo in person. It’s similar with his collaboration with Elderbrook which he also hasn’t met yet. He praised Tove Lo and said he choose her because she’s so cool.

I had this demo which sounded weird but cool. And I love how cool Tove is & her previous songs. I love her and her voice. We reached out to her and then she crushed the vocal. She changed the lyrics and wrote a whole new part in the end. It’s crazy. We did everything over the internet and facetime. We haven’t met in real life yet because of corona. But we can’t wait to perform it, hopefully soon, at festival together.

Martin Garrix

Speaking about the lyrics, “Pressure” told a story about having a passionate relationship that turn into madness. When asked whether this direction is coming from him or Tove Lo, Martin Garrix said that the original lyrics already something a bit toward this direction but Tove Lo making it more extreme which Martijn like. So Tove Lo polished it and made it her own.

Pressure is a song that is new for Martin Garrix where you won’t know it’s Martin Garrix’s right away. But Martin Garrix said it’s not a sound that he will do more. He’s just experimenting with his music, trying out new things and he feel this song is cool and different. With all that’s been happening in the world Martin Garrix think it’s the right time to release something that will surprise people. He also said he’s been making festival music too and he’s so ready for festival to come back.

Due to pandemic, concert and festival around the world come to a halt. What Martin Garrix do to compensate the lack of adrenaline is to make new music in the studio. Making music is like meditating for Martijn. Right now Martin Garrix can just do whatever he feels like doing. He’s don’t think too much and just do what feels good. It’s all about instinct.

When he was asked about skill that is required to be a famous DJ, Martin Garrix said that DJ-ing wise, you have understand your audience and try to take them on a journey. Production-wise, you need to find something that make you unique because there’s already so many producers out there. You can create a new sound or inspired by certain sound but give your own influence. If you make something that people can relate to or connect with people, it will help in creating a fanbase. And also never ever set at where you at. It’s important for you to have hunger to learn and constantly improve.

Martin Garrix is also so excited to see the fans after the pandemic end and festival start again. He wants to give everybody a hug because he miss hugging people. He really missing hugging 🤣. According to him festival is beautiful because we can feel united although everybody are stranger.

Before the interview end, Martin Garrix was asked about his driving lesson and he explained that it went badly because he’s easily distracted. Like if he saw a bird, he will get curious about it and not pay attention. That’s why he think the world is a safer place if he doesn’t have his driving license😂.

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