[Article] AREA21 Are Aliens Crash-Landed On Earth In The Music Video for La La La

The music video for AREA21’s first single, “La La La”, has just released today. The gorgeous animation tell the story of 2 alien travelers who are chilling on space while organizing some kind of party. Unfortunately their good time must end early because their spaceship hit a satellite and the 2 aliens end up crashed-landed on earth. We can assume that the next music video will describe how the 2 aliens encounter human and see the condition of our planet. Since the theme of AREA21 is spreading a message of unity and good vibes, I can’t wait to see the next chapter of this story and of course the album!

Back to “La La La’, just like Garrix said in his TikTok live, the music is not super electronic. But it would make you bop your head regardless. In the music video, the alien who represent Martin Garrix is shown to play music instrument and DJ-ing. The lyric of the song is about how people like to judge and meddling in someone else’s business. AREA21 don’t care about what people said tho. They’re not going to take sh*t from anyone and won’t let other people control them. Like they said, “Quit the hate, where is the love?”, let’s learn to just mind our own business. The song is available from all major streaming platform and you could check it here. So what do you think about AREA21 new song? Comment below and let me know.

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