[Article] Martin Garrix about the making of the Official UEFA EURO 2020 song “We Are The People“ with Bono and The Edge

The Official UEFA EURO 2020 song, “We Are The People“, is a collaboration between Dutch DJ Martin Garrix with Bono and The Edge from U2. About this collaboration, the famous DJ and producer commented “Creating the music for one of the most important sport events in the world with Bono and The Edge has been an incredible experience. I’m very proud of what we did together and excited to finally share it with the world!”

From the beginning of the creative process, Garrix was clear that Bono’s voice was perfect for the song. The collaboration went further when Bono wrote the lyrics and created the melodies for the song and The Edge added the lead guitar riffs, resulting in a perfect blend of the signature sounds of all artists.

“We Are The People” is an anthem that everyone can sing, no matter where we are from. Especially in Europe, where the tournament will get the attention from the whole world. It wants to reflect the positivity, hope and determination necessary for the success of any team, in addition to offering a feeling of togetherness and unity.

Alongside the official song, Garrix also produced the official walkout music, as well as music for use in all official broadcasts. The release of the song is coincide with his 25th birthday, a testament of his impressive career to date.

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