[Article] Martin Garrix Finally Give Us the Release Date for EURO 2020 Anthem

In the previous interview, Martin Garrix has revealed that he will release the UEFA EURO 2020 theme song on May. Now he finally announce the exact date! Soon after giving hint by changing one of his playlist as Martin Garrix – UEFA EURO 2020 playlist, he confirmed the release date through his social media.

As suspected by several garrixers, Martijn really release his EURO song on his birthday. What’s better than celebrating your birthday? Celebrating it along with the release of your new song😁. There’s no announcement yet about the collaborator for this song (although a lot of garrixers actually already know). We can’t wait to get more announcement in the coming days! For now, let’s hear UEFA EURO 2020 intro which contain some part of the song.

Take a sneak peek on how Martin Garrix made the song in The Martin Garrix Show Season 4:

Are you ready to sing along to the EURO 2020 anthem? Comment below and let me know.

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