[Interview] Martin Garrix Talk about Working with Bono and The Edge, Why His Duo with Maejor Called AREA21, and His Future Releases

On 28 June 2021, Martin Garrix appear on FERGAL D’ARCY‘s show on Today FM. About his EURO 2020 song, Martin Garrix said that it was an incredible chance and opportunity.

It was crazy. But I’m very happy with how it all turn out. The delivery process was very stressful but it was also a lot of fun. I learn a lot and I’m very happy looking back at what we did.

Martin Garrix

U2 is one of the biggest rock band, so how did Martin can get them to featured on the song? Martin said Bono and The Edge jump on board after he sent them a rough demo of an idea he wrote that already had melody and some lyrics. Bono changed all of the lyrics and made it into his own and The Edge added his guitar. So it felt like a very organic collaboration. They record the song on June 2019 but since the tournament was delayed for 1 year due to pandemic, Martijn has to kept this a secret for a long time.

Martin Garrix is so excited to comeback doing shows and can’t wait to play his new songs there.

I was I could say everything that’s coming up, but there’s a lot of exciting music and projects coming. I have a year of no show which was crazy. It’s a year where I had more time with family and friends but also to be more in the studio creating, experimenting, trying out new things. I’m very excited for the show to come back so I can tested out new materials live.

Martin Garrix

Martin also talk about AREA21, his fun and feel good project with American rapper Maejor. It turns out AREA21 name came from the name of his studio in his previous apartment. His studio was located on 21st floor and they call the room AREA21. The idea come 6 years ago when Martin and Maejor were in Amsterdam and they made some songs that they can’t really as Garrix or Maejor. So they decide to release it under AREA21 name and wrote a storyline about 2 aliens crash-landed on planet earth. The album delivery date (from Martijn to the label) is on 31st July and Martijn has finished 9 from 12 songs.

In the show, they also talk about Tiesto and how Martijn felt to be able to learn from his seniors, including Bono and The Edge. You can listen to the full interview here.

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