[Interview] AREA21 Talks About the Origin of Their Name and Why Their Concept are “Aliens” in the Interview with TV Groove | 14 February 2021

AREA21 is the alter ego of Martin Garrix and Maejor, a joint project of two aliens travelers (known as M&M). Their long awaited first album, Greatest Hits Vol 1 was released on 12 November 2021. This time we interviewed Martin Garrix and Maejor, from the background of AREA21 formation, the meaning of the unit name and the reason they choose the concept of aliens. In addition, they also talked a lot about the differences between individual activities and this unit project, and their future plans.


— Are both of you in Amsterdam?

Maejor: Yes, we’re in the Netherlands. We’re making music and rehearsing for live performance together.

I heard the story of how the two of you first met (meeting at a party in LA and shortly thereafter encounter each other again on an airplane). But how you came to make music together and form a unit called AREA21? Can you tell me how it happened?

Martin: From my point of view, I think to be able to play completely different music is very exciting. Up until that time, I focused only on electronic music and appearing in big festivals, the so-called EDM, I was thinking only about that kind of music.

However since I started working with the Maejor, I feel like I’ve opened my eyes in many ways. Experimenting with new sounds or play a guitar that you haven’t touched for a long time. The works that we started together was so much fun and it’s still the same. I think that’s the core of this project. To have fun.

Maejor: I totally agree with you. To enjoy the fun. I think that’s the driving force behind this project. We didn’t start by saying, “Let’s do a crazy project with aliens.” It was born naturally from the two of us. I open my heart and pursue the possibilities. After removing the restrictions, trying new ideas, and having fun, I felt like I was here with something really cool and I think “Isn’t this amazing?”.

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[Video] The Martin Garrix Show Season 5 Will Premiere Soon!

The Martin Garrix Show is a beloved vlogging series of Martin Garrix on Youtube. The series is the depiction of his life, illustrating his experience throughout his day-to-day routine, when he produced songs, perform in live show and also Garrix commentary regarding a lot of topics. It’s a fan favorite since fans can see Martin Garrix’s thought, feelings and story behind the scene. It’s also become something to give motivation and inspiration to people who watch it. You can binge watching the previous season here before the premiere of season 5 which will be started on 25 February 2022.

[Article] Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa – Scared To Be Lonely, Finally Surpassed 1 Billion Streams on Spotify

Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa’s worldwide hits, Scared to Be Lonely, recently reach 1 Billion streams on Spotify. This song become the 2nd for Martin Garrix and the 6th for Dua Lipa to crossed the billion milestones on Spotify. The song was released 5 years ago on 27 January 2017.

Regarding the making of the song, Garrix stated:

“I already worked on several demos for this track and was looking for the right vocalist. When I received Dua’s version of the song, I was blown away! Being able to work with such talented artists like her is incredible and all the pieces just came together beautifully for this track. I’m super excited!”

Martin Garrix

Yes. There’s actually several version of Scared to Be Lonely. One of them was the version sang by Troye Sivan. Dua Lipa was chosen and Troye then went to be featured on Garrix’s other track, “There For You”, which at the time of this writing has reached more than 543 million streams on Spotify.

Garrix’s next song to hit 1 Billion streams on Spotify is Waiting For Love, which he co-wrote and co produced with Avicii (although the song isn’t under his Garrix moniker and solely under Avicii’s name on the title). Waiting For Love only need less than 75 million streams to reach the billion on Spotify.

I look forward to Martin Garrix release in the future and hopefully he’s collect more billions streams while at it. Do you love “Scared to Be Lonely”? Comment bellow and let me know.

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