[Trivia] Martin Garrix Posted So Garrixers Could Make Memes

One thing that I like about garrixers is how quickly they make Martin Garrix’s memes 😂😂. Yesterday night, Martijn post how he was relaxing while trying to pinch the moon.

Unfortunately he failed🤣🤣. But modern problem required modern solution. So the story still got a happy ending because someone edit the picture to make it seems he can pinch the moon properly😂.

This inspires garrixers to make a meme based on Martijn’s failure to create his hand reaching the moon😂. Check out some of the memes below!! What do you think of them?

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So so close 😂😂

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[Video] Martin Garrix Was Seen Playing Live Set On Boat | 27 April 2020

Yesterday, Martijn was seen by several people playing a liveset on a boat after the livestream of his set on Radio 538. There’s a lot of cameramen around him so there’s a chance this special set will be uploaded but we don’t know anything yet. Here’s some video from people who see him.

Martijn also announced it on his Instagram and said it will be coming soon.

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coming soon..

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And here a cute picture of Martin Garrix
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