[Interview] Martin Garrix on Pressure, Euro, Area21, and His Admiration For David Guetta in the Interview with Fun Radio France

On 17 February, Martin Garrix appeared on Fun Radio. When he was asked about his latest single “Pressure” and how his collaboration with Tove Lo came to be. He explained, “It started with a demo that I made with two of my Swedish friends (Osrin and Wilhelm). At first we have Wilhelm’s voice in it and when we pitched it lower it gave a sexy vibe, really different from what I ever did. I love Tove Lo so when we were looking for a female voice we reach out to her and she liked the song a lot. So she recorded the song and I’m really happy with it”.

Regarding his music, Martijn said he had time to be more creative now. 

“I get really experimental in the studio. Before, I will be in the middle of tour, come home, and perform in the festivals. But now that there’s no festival, it feels weird to make euphoric festival song. So it open up a new section of my brain where I become more experimental. A song like Pressure, it’s not a song that I’ll be able to release a year ago . Now is the time to be experimental and try out new things”.

Martijn also give update on his theme song for Euro 2021 although he couldn’t said much about Euro because he just make the music and everything is up to the organizer of the competition. But currently the song is moved to May and will be release either way.

When he was asked about possibility of other collaboration with David Guetta, Martin Garrix expressed his admiration for the senior DJ. ” I love David. I’ve known him since I was 14-15 and he always encouraged me by teaching me a lot of things. Not just in music, but also industry wise. I love him as a friend and I love what he did this year. He really raised the bar on livestreams. And who knows maybe we can both release something in the future”.

Regarding Area21, Martin Garrix wish he could say everything about the full album but for now he must keep it. He can only say that it will be exciting and that people will be able to hear it soon.

Martin Garrix Radio has also been available on Youtube for sometime. The reason Martin Garrix has this weekly radio show is to showcase what music that he’s been listening and also to push new talent that he like to listen through his platform.

Currently, Martin Garrix has grow up since he first rose to prominent with “Animals”. When asked what would his advice from himself now to Martin Garrix who hasn’t released “Animals” yet, he said “have fun, enjoy, trust your gut’s feeling and do whatever you want to do. Don’t get too distracted by people who want to push you down. You’re the artist and you should make whatever that make you happy. First of all, do what feels right for you”.

[Article] Martin Garrix Will Speak On “The Evolution Of Our Sounds” With David Guetta And Timbaland For Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) Online

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) this year will be held online due to Covid-19. As a closing event, they will broadcast a talk event called “The Evolution of Our Sounds” at 9pm CET on Friday, October 23rd, through the ADE Online platform. Martin Garrix is one of the speaker in this free event and it’s open to everyone. Aside from Martin, the other artist for this event are producer Timbaland and David Guetta. The talk will be moderated by BBC Radio1 DJ, Danny Howard.

ADE official website stated that the three will be discussing the artists and recordings that formed their musical universe as they were growing up, the events and personalities that contributed to forming their view of the world, as well as their current and future projects. They will also be discussing what they learned from each other when working on joint projects, their favourite studio gear, workflow across multiple time zones, and what inspires them both musically and culturally from the world of today.

Martin hasn’t release new Garrix music since Higher Ground this May. So everyone would pay keen attention if there’s new information regarding his current and future project in this talk event. There’s also anticipation of what he will say about his collaboration with Timbaland. The two was seen together in the studio on October last year.