[Trivia] The Reason Why Martin Garrix Doesn’t Have Drivers License

This is something that kind of become a running joke among garrixers, but Martin Garrix doesn’t drive. It was said that even before pandemic Martin Garrix has practiced social distancing with drivers license😂😂.

Martijn actually has answered the question regarding how he hasn’t get his license several times, citing that the world will be a safer place if he just get in the backseat. We actually get a small glimpse of what he means when we saw video of Afrojack teaching Martijn how to drive.

But we only fully understand what he means when Martijn finally posted old video of him when he was receiving his driving lesson🤣🤣. Watch the adorable video below, featuring racing car imitation, incomprehensible noises and choo choo train.

Martin Garrix is just so adorable😂. But I was wondering if his instructor’s heart at the time was okay when accompanying him in the car😂. We better stay inside if someday Martijn is driving on the road.

[Trivia] Martin Garrix Posted So Garrixers Could Make Memes

One thing that I like about garrixers is how quickly they make Martin Garrix’s memes 😂😂. Yesterday night, Martijn post how he was relaxing while trying to pinch the moon.

Unfortunately he failed🤣🤣. But modern problem required modern solution. So the story still got a happy ending because someone edit the picture to make it seems he can pinch the moon properly😂.

This inspires garrixers to make a meme based on Martijn’s failure to create his hand reaching the moon😂. Check out some of the memes below!! What do you think of them?

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So so close 😂😂

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[Trivia] Martin Garrix and The Dutch Police: One Does Not Simply Doing A Rooftop Live Set

To celebrate video of Martin Garrix live at his rooftop in Amsterdam which just got more than 2 millions views in around 10 days, I want to reminded all of you how epic his live set is that the Dutch Police even came at Martin Garrix’s house😂

This might seems like a joke, but it was really happened. According to Martijn, the police saw the announcement of his live set and thought he was going to throw a huge party😂. So they showed up at his house a few hours before the time to make sure that there was nobody there😂. Martijn said the only one who were there dancing to his live set was his mom😂. How funny!

I’m sorry Dutch policeman😂. But Martin Garrix is a law-abiding citizen😂. But I’m seriously impressed how they really dedicated to make sure the citizens isn’t gather up in one place that they even came to check out on artists. I was wondering if the delay in the livestream time is due to this🤔.

Anyway, Martijn said he want to record another livestream!! They really do the 2nd STMPD RCRDS Festival so I’m pretty sure Martijn will also do another live set. Do you think this time the Dutch Police will come again? 😂🤔 Comment below and let me know.

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