[Article] Martin Garrix Experimenting With The Release Of His 3rd Single Under His YTRAM Alias

This year garrixers haven’t get much Martijn’s music from his main stage name, Martin Garrix. But don’t worry, Martijn said in his instagram story and fan’s group chat that there will be so much Garrix and AREA21 music next year and he will make up for the lack of music this year. Not to mention he also release his 3rd single under his deep house alias, YTRAM. with “Alive”. You can watch the music video here

This song is noticeably darker than 2 of his previous YTRAM release. On his YouTube channel, Martijn said “This is something more experimental from me but I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!”. Seems like Martijn want to experiment making music outside of his usual uplifting style and he’s having fun with it. By the way, this song is also become the main theme of “What It Takes”, a documentary about Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen which is also Martin Garrix’s best friend.

What do you think about this song? I’m so looking forward to 2021!

[Interview] Martin Garrix and Elderbrook Reveals How An Instagram Story Make Their Unexpected Collaboration Happened | 18 September 2020

Martin Garrix and Elderbrook (real name: Alexander Kotz) are both incredible artists with different style of music. Earlier this month, Martin Garrix through his YTRAM alias join force with Elderbrook to create “Fire”, a track which combine both of their style. But how did their collaboration come together? On DanceXL Radio, these 2 artists told the story to Anna Lunoe through FaceTime.

Elderbrook here released a song called “Numb”. My friend played it to me and it was basically the anthem for my entire month of June. Everywhere I had the song on repeat and then I put it up on a story. Alex then DM me. And I had the instrumental and a melody idea in my head for a vocal. I sent it as a voice note and we were singing voice note back and forth. Then we ended up with the song.

Martin Garrix

So basically, it’s all started because Martijn was chilling on a boat listening to “Numb” and use it on his Instagram story. When Elderbrook saw Martijn like his song, he then slide into Martijn’s DM. It’s interesting that this happened so fast because Martijn was recording his Tomorrowland Around The World set on 26 June and an earlier version of the song was already there. Maybe it’s their chemistry that make it possible?

When they were asked about the challenge they face when writing the song, Elderbrook said it’s when he had to write the lyrics, send it to Martijn and doesn’t have any idea if Martijn will like it or not. While from Martijn’s side, the challenge is because they had so many ideas for the song. It’s easier to communicate about those ideas when he’s in the same room with the other party. But since they can’t, it’s more like cherry picking parts that they like and sent it back and forth. But it’s cool to fit the puzzle together.

Martin Garrix and Elderbrook said they can not wait to finally play the song live in front of the audience. You can hear the whole interview on Episode 43 of Dance XL Radio on Apple Music. Have you heard “Fire” yet? Listen to it here. Is there any artist that you want to slide into Martijn’s DM to create a track together?

Martin Garrix Drops His YTRAM’s Collaboration With Elderbrook And It’s Fire

Ever since he played it in Tomorrowland Around The World, people has been looking forward to Martin Garrix’s new song. It was revealed to be a collaboration between Martin Garrix in his YTRAM alias with English musician, Elderbrook. The song’s title is “Fire”. What a fitting name for a song that straight fire!🔥🔥. You can watch the music video on Youtube as below.

You can also listen to it on your streaming music sites here.

[Article] Martin Garrix Will Release The 2nd Tracks Under His YTRAM Alias, A Collaboration With Elderbrook

One of the most awaited ID from Martin Garrix’s set in Tomorrowland Around The World is “Coming Alive ID“. Rumored to be a collaboration between Martin Garrix and Elderbrook, this song will be released under Martin’s YTRAM alias. In the midst of fan’s anticipation, yesterday Martin Garrix post a snippet of the song which confirmed that it will be released soon.

Elderbrook is renowned as Grammy winning producer/singer/songwriter who also has collaboration with Camelphat, Diplo, and Rudimental. This time he will collab with Martijn, who said that Elderbrook is his dear friend. There’s no confirmation on the release date but it’s rumored to be dropped on the 2nd week of September. Are you excited with this song? Vote below and let me know.

[Article] New Music Friday: “Make You Mine”, A Collaboration Between Bleu Clair And Martin Garrix Through His YTRAM Alias Has Been Released. Listen Here!

The first YTRAM’s song finally has been released! One of the top world DJ, Martin Garrix, just release his latest song titled “Make You Mine” through his alias, YTRAM. It is an alias that Martin Garrix use when he play a more Deep/Tech House set. With YTRAM, Martin Garrix try to present a different genre than what he usually make.

“Make You Mine” is a collaboration with an Indonesian DJ named Bleu Clair with vocal from Ra. You can listen the song through various platform here.

[Article] Martin Garrix Will Release A Collaboration With Bleu Clair, A DJ From Indonesia, Through His YTRAM Alias

YTRAM is an alias that Martin Garrix use when he play a more Deep/Tech House set. On 24 June 2020, people found out that the first YTRAM song has been registered in Shazam database. The title of the song is “Make You Mine” and it’s a collaboration with an Indonesian DJ, Bleu Clair. This song featured vocal from a female singer named Ra. I’m so happy because Martin collab with a DJ from my country.

“Make You Mine” was first previewed when Martin Garrix performed in Brazil on late February 2020. Then he posted it on his own instagram showing him doing B2B with his mom. After that the song was also previewed in Martin Garrix’s Live From Dutch Water. Fans has been looking forward for its release and we don’t need to wait long. The release has just got official confirmation and the release date is on 17 July 2020. Just a week from now!

You can pre-save the track on Spotify through this link. Are you excited with this release?

[Article] Will We Get New Martin Garrix’s Music Soon Through His YTRAM Alias?

YTRAM is an alias that Martin Garrix use when he play a more Deep/Tech House set. The idea started when he play a deep house set in front of the people who had invites to enter the Ushuaia backstage area after his usual set. He then debuted his new alias, YTRAM, at his label STMPD’s Tomorrowland showcase while wearing a mask.

According to an interview of Martijn with The Martin Garrix Hub, the alias is just Marty spelled backward. DJ Marty is the stage name that Martijn use at the start of his career. Martijn also said that if YTRAM releases a song one day, it will be like crazier & weirder.

If you one of the people who look forward to a YTRAM song, great news for you. Garrixers has found out yesterday that the first YTRAM song has been registered in the Shazam database. The song is Bleu Clair collaboration with YTRAM featuring Ra with title “Make You Mine”.

“Make You Mine” was first previewed when Martin Garrix performed in Brazil on late February 2020. Then he posted it on his instagram showing him doing B2B with his mom. At the time there’s a rumor that it’s a Bleu Clair ID. After that the song was also previewed in Martin Garrix’s Live From Dutch Water. Martin Garrix himself has said in the Zoom fanmeeting to fans that we will get the first YTRAM song soon aside from Martin Garrix & Area21’s songs.

Currently there’s no confirmation about the release date of this song or confirmation that it’s really a collaboration with YTRAM. But we can expected more news soon. Are you excited about the release of the first YTRAM song? Comment below & let me know.

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